Unbearable pain

This pain is relentless 😢 How is it possible that I'm going to be stuck with this pain for the rest of my life. Just seems so unfair, I don't even know a life without periods like this. 😔

Finding strength with chronic pain seems like the hardest thing to do right now. Feels impossible to live a normal life.

Does anyone have any advice on how to ease the pain or how to deal with the fact that this is my life 😥😥

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Hi Nicole. Sorry to hear you are suffering so much. Just wondering have you seen anyone about pain? Firstly it is not your life! There is hope in the midst of all this pain. Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis/had laparoscopy? Just unsure of what help has been offered etc. Hot water bottles and painkillers help ease discomfort but I know isn't the magic wand that takes all the pain away. If you have not seen a dr,then get ball rolling and see gp and demand referral to endo specialist. If you have seen a specialist and sadly not got the help you needed, then go back to gp and ask for referral to a different specialist. If you can go private,then even better! I am so sorry you are so sore but honestly you are going to get through this! One day at a time. This forum is great as so many girls are going through same thing and have helpful advice to offer. Hope this has helped you a bit.x

Thanks so much for your comforting words. Really did help lift my spirits. I had a private lap in March this year and was diagnosed with endo which was removed at the time. The pain has just started all over again, it's like there's no way out of it 😢 I've been back to my Gp who has advised that the pain is because of my endo and other than giving me pain relief there's not much she can do. I feel like I just have to deal with feeling this way.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate your time and help. Hope you are doing well xx

Aww that is horrible. How disappointing for you especially after you had a laparoscopy recently and you had some endo removed. Did you have a follow up appointment after your lap? If not, perhaps contact the place where you went private and ask for advice. That's really unfair and I'm not sure what else to advise other than contact your specialist again. Did your specialist suggest you try any other things to help keep endo symptoms at bay like the mini pill? I actually am due to have a laparoscopy next week. X

Sorry Nicole, I just realised that you are trying for a baby. Saw a previous post you had. Sorry for saying about the mini pill as obviously not relevant. X

Thanks poppy. I really do appreciate your support.

I did have a follow up Lap with my consultant which was around 3 weeks after my lap. At the time things seemed to have cleared up so nothing much was said other than he was happy with the result. I almost feel embarrassed to go back so soon :-(

Starting a family is the dream, hopefully going to look at starting the journey in the new year (symptoms depending!)

Is it your first lap or have you already received a diagnosis? Are you having it done privately? Xx

Yes first lap next week. Being done privately. Have a cyst on my left ovary. Endo symptoms the past 4 years. Trouble conceiving the past year. Bit nervous about next week but so many girls on this forum have helped me feel a lot calmer. How are you feeling today? Did you contact your specialist privately again?xo

She best of luck! It can be so nerve wracking!! You will be completely fine- mine went a lot better than I expected, you really are in good hands. Fingers crossed that you get some answers to your pain! It's great that you're going privately, much better care. :-) are you all prepped for your op? Keep me updated!

Feeling better today. The Pain has eased so just hopes it stays that way. I need to look at booking an app however I have just got a new job so nervous about taking time off :-(

Thanks Poppy xx

Glad you're having a better day today. I actually haven't been told a thing about lap next week other than date and was handed a leaflet. However I am to get a phone call and possibly an email too detailing everything. Hope new job going well so far. I'm sure you will be able to work out a time say you can take off and arrange appointment for then. It will work out. Yes will keep you updated! Xo

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