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Ultrasound for endometriosis negative

Hi I went for my ultrasound today and was told by the technician that everything looked normal, but this hasn't explained the extreme pain that I get when going to the toilet and the abnormal bleeds that I get every month which only last 24-72 hours. I also have suffered with anorexia for over 10 years, I haven't found a doctor yet that can explain why I'm bleeding at such a low weight. Can any one relate??

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A normal ultrasound does not equal nothing happening inside.

Ask what the next step is, and insist something else is done to investigate.

Hope you get the answers you need soon xx


Hi all us ladies who have had endo for a long time know you cannot see it with ultra sound the doc who sent you for that was prob looking for cysts you need to be operated on to confirm you have endo, keep pushing an read lots of info it will help you know what your dealing with, Good luck X


Oh sweetie. When I had my ultrasound I felt so disheartened that I didn't know what was going on as they were all like.. you're fine and healthy. Even my discharge note after my laparoscopy said I had a healthy ovaries and uterus. It was only after my consultation that they said I had scarring near my cervix - powder shot lesions or whatever.. and that was possibly causing all of the pain. X


Hi Hun , insist on further investigations . I had a similar result after my ultrasound . I went private and had a lap and they discovered endo everywhere and a very large endometria . Sometimes the ultrasound does not show everything and things can be hiding . Good luck and I hope you feel better soon . Ask your GP for referral to BSGE endo centre . I found this out after ! And you should get the investigations and the best possible treatment you need .


endo does not show up on an ultrasound, the only reason they should do one is to rule out any other condition - not as a way of diagnosing endo. I had the same results, perfectly normal ultrasound but had severe stage 4 endo when they did a diagnostic laparoscopy, so don't be disheartened. The next step for you would be a laparoscopy, hope you get answers soon. X


Agree with above. Ultrasounds do not - cannot - show endo tissue, you really need a good laparoscopy to spot all the areas where endo might be, then the appropriate action can take place, then or later if necessary.

Ultrasound scans are done as a first step to rule out other conditions, such as cysts etc. You now need to ask your GP for a referral to an endo centre, as Pink says above. Stick to your guns, it is your right.

Have a look at the many posts by 'Lindle' on this subject.

Take care.


Agree with the other ladies, my ultrasound was clear but my lap discovered severe widespread endo. It's a shame we have to push, but you need to push and stand your ground for more investigation. Good luck x


Persistence is key! I've not long had my 4th ultrasound, 3rd internal examination which all came back as normal.

Luckily my gynaecologist said that my symptoms point towards endo so I'm now on the waiting list for a diagnostic lapo.

Keep pressing them! You know your body and that something is wrong.


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