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Help me!!!!

Hey ladies!

I'll try and keep this short. On Friday I had a gallium injection as I'm not well and no one knows why. Anyways, I was told that on the first day I'd have to have a lot of fluid, on the second day I'd be going to the toilet a lot.

On Sunday, I noticed that I couldn't go 5 minutes without needing to pee (sorry for tmi). Now, my issue is that I cramp after I pee, like period cramps. I also noticed that I was bleeding.

Now, I'm on the pill and not due for my period for another week. Its now Tuesday and I am still in pain after I go to the toilet, I dread it. I've also been needing to go every 5 minutes, whether or not I do anything is a different thing but I still cramp.

My other question is: has anyone had mastitis and not had a baby or breastfed?

Please help me!!!

Thank you x

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that really sounds like a touch of cystitis or a uti. You could try the cystitis powders for the now but it would be worth asking your gp to see you and dip your urine. Perhaps the excessive toilet trips have just upset your normal levels. Hope you feel better soon

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I also think it sounds like a UTI. I had this recently and called 111 - they got me sorted with a fast appointment to get antibiotics into my system, which gave quick relief. Hope you feel better soon!

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Hi. Firstly I would call 101 for medical advice, or make a GP appointment. You need to know if you actually have cystitis, or you may have taken an adverse reaction to Gallium? Until you have this confirmed I would drink 3 litres of water daily to flush your system. Cranberry juice can help but don't overdo.

Yes, you can get mastitis without being pregnant, or you can get myalgia, I cant recall which one it is that means you have an infection? Again get it checked out.

Sorry to be vague, but given the drug you have in you, I wouldnt hesitate to speak with a professional.

I hope you are feeling better soonio :)


I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor to go over my pain. I have read up about cystitis but it is a little different to my pain. I will start drinking water asap.

I have an ultrasound and mammogram on Mon day to see what is going on in my breast, unforytunatly I can't make that come quicker.

Than you for your help, I really appreciate it :)

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That is brill Emily_M. It is really good to here that you are getting an ultrasound for your breast change and that you are seeing your GP tomorrow.

I used to sufffer from terrible mastitis which was hormonal. However, I found that too much caffeine aggravated it.

Good luck :)

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