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Im after advice from endo sufferers who have been pregnant.

I'm 14 weeks and have been in pin the whole time. First a missed cyst. I knew it was cyst pain, but was told by two hospitals that I was suffering with wind until a third hospital finally found a cyst. I've been told this cysts has drained (by the hospital who initially missed it) but now I'm having cramping and light bleeding. The hospital can see no reason for my bleeding and Dont seem worried, but I just wondered whether my endometriosis may be the cause?

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Hi there, I had a lot of pain and light bleeding with both my pregnancies. I hadn't been diagnosed with Endo then and they thought it was an ectopic pregnancy, but when they found it wasn't ectopic they couldn't explain the pain. I guess it was the Endo. So I think it is quite possible it could be the endometriosis. Good luck and keep hope.


Thanks so much, that makes me feel better. Nurses keep telling me that pregnancy makes endometriosis better and making me feel like im making it up. Thanks for reasurance.


No worries, happy to help. The main thing to remember is we are all different and the idea that pregnancy makes endo better is very old. Take good care of yourself and keep believing in your own magic and destiny. Xx


I had endo pain during my first trimester and I know a friend did as well. When I first went to the docs to tell them I was pregnant I mentioned it and they arranged a scan to check it wasn't ectopic. I also had a bleed at around 9 weeks and again had a scan and the bleeding was unexplained, my little girl is know 11 days old. They never put the bleeding down to endo as apparently it's quite common but as long as they can't find bleeding from the womb they tend to be happy.

My pains did eventually settle although it felt like it took forever, hope your not in pain for too much longer xxx


Thanks so much for replying- makes me feel a lot better. Hope baby and mummy are doing well. Xx


No problem I remember how scared I was. I didn't have the best pregnancy which was nothing to do with endo but I spent a lot of time with nurses, midwives and consultants. But we are fine now, happy and healthy.

If you do have any concerns and feel something is not normal always speak to your midwife, gp or whoever is looking after your care. They really don't mind and it's peace of mind for you which is better for you and baby. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy it is so worth the end result xxx


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