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So I awaiting a laporoscopy and cystoscopy to confirm if I have endometriosis.. Basically since come in if the injection nearly a year ago I started having nasty right sided pelvic pain in October and was in a&e four times within a month... Had various tests done and was told I had polycystic ovaries but then finally got refered to gynea! My first appointment the lady was fantastic and explained everything I have since had my MRI and awaiting the results and still waiting for operation date. I have had to go back to my doctors on various occasions as I can not control the pain I am currently on tramadol and mefanimic acid and this means I can cope but and not pain free.. I have had to have lots of time off work which they have been great with but its all getting me down. My GP is trying to push for urgent operation but has anyone got any advice on how I can get it done sooner I can't do this for the next 18 weeks whilst I wait for a date!

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Um not sure if any help...sorry if not, but I keep getting given tramenix acid, tramadol, co-codamol and queried PCSO did lap, found old inactive endo. doing mri thurs. Struggling to control pain at times. Complete madness! Good luck! xxx.


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