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Feeling incredibly down (Prostap)

Firstly, the reason I have been prescribed Prostap is not for endo, rather a pseudocyst and extensive adhesions caused by major surgery. I bleed pretty much all the time, have intense pain and am also anaemic. I can only empathise and offer my unreserved support for what the majority of you suffer with :(

I would like to ask whether any of you have been prescribed Prostap for your condition? My bleeding has got significantly worse today (I thought it was improving) and am now feeling so down. The pain is so intense not even tramadol is having an effect.

I'm a mum of three: 20, 13 and 3. The older two are supportive (as is my husband) but my little one is so demanding that I just can't cope. I'm snapping unfairly at the others and becoming impatient with the little one. Since the Prostap it's got significantly worse. I'm having the flushes and have an excruciating headache right behind the eyes. I do have epilepsy and sometimes get these before a seizure but thankfully I haven't had one yet.

Possibly I'm getting down with these horrible side effects. I've had depression before but this is different. Can anyone relate and offer advice?

Really sorry for asking.

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you have been so poorly :( I am on Prostap for my endo, first few months were awful with headaches, hot flushes and mood swings but since then my gyne gave me HRT tablets to help with the side effects which have been great. Have you tried HRT?



I was on prostap for 3 months after my laproscopy for my endo and it was terrible. I was teary, moody, mega hot flushes and just not nice to be around. My poor mam and partner got the brunt of it. Prostap sends you in to early menopause as it turns your ovaries off. I bled for the first 3-4 weeks of being on it and my doctor said this was normal. I'm always anemic as my periods are really heavy so turning ovaries off helped with that too. I hope you feel better soon if u have any questions you can drop me a message if you like. You'll get there in the end. It may look dark now but I promise you the light at the end of the tunnel will come sooner than you think. X


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