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Urgent referral for ultra sound and to see a gynecologist

For the last 2 months I've had constant pelvic pain, normal I get pain for a few weeks and then it's gone for another couple of weeks, but this time it's getting worse and making me feel sick too.

Over a year ago I had the Mirena coil fitted and I'm happy that it's virtually stopped my bleeding but I still suffer every month with awful symptoms. When I went to the doctors a month ago they thought my pain might be bowel related but my visit yesterday they think it's definitely pelvic pain and likely to be endometriosis and has referred me for a urgent ultra scan and gynecology appointment. He has also put me on a hormone tablet norethisterone. Any advice to what I should expect?

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Hi, sorry your suffering, and fingers crossed that you get to the bottom off it all,

at this stag there isn't any thing you can do, they will need to do tests to rule out other things that are a little easier to diagnose, and then if everything comes out negative, then they will look into endometriosis, endo can only be big nosed by a laporscopy, as it dosnt show up on scans, apart from perhaps an MRI scan,

Good luck xxx


I've had previous test before as I was going down the fertility route, my last test was a hsg which showed I'd got damage to one of my tubes. I then had to decided If I wanted persue the fertility route, until then they would not go any further. I was told at one point they wouldn't do a laparoscopy as I was too overweight ( after losing 4 st). Thank you @Tboag


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