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Worried, cerazette

I've been prescribed with the pill Cerazette, which is obviously taken back to back with no breaks. I'm absolutely terrified the same thing is going to happen when I took Microgyon 30 back to back 3 months. Experiencing a decidual/endometrial cast was agonising and a horrific experience. My concern is if taking this pill for longer will cause the same effect and it'd be much much worse.

I'm quite worried and thought about ignoring my doctor and just stop taking it altogether, just brave my periods like I used to.

Is it possible for that to happen with this pill?

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Hi, I was on cerezette for around 6 years with no issues. This type of mini pill is supposed to be taken back to back with no breaks. Microgynon is a combined pill which your supposed to have breaks. I found I was in a lot of pain on these breaks and cerezette works for me for years. Give it a try, best to found out what works for you. Good luck x


Thanks for your comment. The thing I was most worried about was the irregular bleeding in place of a period or not having one at all and build up inside. But after being on it for a month I've just got my first period right on schedule, very painful and clotty too. Hopefully my body will adjust to Cerazette xxx


It took around 4 to 6 mths tk settle down then I didn't get a period at all until I came off it around 2 years ago. Felt great the whole time I was on it but I know some people have had bad experiences on the mini pill but as I said it's trial and error with these pill u will find something that works for you! X

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