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UTI like symptoms

Hi ladies,

I am just wondering whether anyone else has had/is having UTI like symptoms as well as the endo related problems? By way of background, I had a laparoscopy two weeks ago & I'm having my follow up in the new year; since the laparoscopy where the cells were removed I've felt fine. But I just really want to know if anyone else had these symptoms?

Thank you in advance!

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I have had UTI symptoms for over a year now. I kept going to the drs thinking I had an infection but every time they checked my urine is was fine. I had a lap in June where my endo was diagnosed and turns out I have interstitial cystitis, often can be linked with endo and symptoms are similar to a UTI :( it can be uncomfortable but I find its usually worse in mornings but if I drink lots of water it helps. Also it's best to avoid certain things in your diet which can trigger an IC flare up such as tea,coffee, and actually the dr told me cranberry juice can irritate your bladder more xxx


Hi sorry your not feeling well x I also suffered symptoms like I constantly had a UTI but it came back negative most of the time. I also found cutting out any fizzy drinks as well as increase in water and cut of caffeine helped. Hope you feel better soon x


I have exactly the same thing. Been having painful bladder symptoms since my lap 2 months ago. Saw my consultant at my follow up appointment and he said it sounds like IC. I have taken a urine sample to my GP to rule out a UTI because apparently antibiotics can aggravate IC. I haven't heard back from my surgery so assumimg i haven't got a UTI. So, yipee it looks like anothet incurable disorder to add to the endo. Thanks then body!


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