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I haven't gotten my period for two months now . My first period I excused because I had been on a birth control implant for less than a month . I had thought it affected it . Now missing my second period (dec 23) I'm now 4 days late .. I went to use the bathroom and had very little blood at 3:00pm .. But normally my periods are 10 days with constant heavy bleeding .. at 6:30pm I checked to see if I was bleeding.. And I haven't bleed . So that's 3 and a half hours without bleeding which is unusual for me .. As well as I've been having unprotected sex almost everyday , for the last month and something days .. Which he came in me 8/10 times . And I've been taking prenatals for about 3 weeks . Could I be pregnant ?

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The only way to find out is to do a pregnancy test! Good luck.


Yes you could, take a test and see


Yes it's possible, the blood may have been from implantation of embryo. Take a test. Regardless of what result is go to gp for some reassurance. Good luck x

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