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Could do with some advice

So I've had pretty bad pains since my Lap and my post-lap period was not pleasant I bled for weeks really heavy and very painful I pretty much didn't leave my bed for ages. My GP put me on the pill to stop the bleeding because it showed no signs of stopping, I've been on the pill for a month now and I've taken it everyday at the same time without fail and I've started bleeding again! It's really dark brown almost black and quite thick but there's really not a lot of it but it still doesn't look healthy and I really don't feel good myself, I'm all full of cold and I'm wondering does that have something to do with my endo? Because it's only since I've had a cold that I've been getting cramps and bleeding 😕

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What type of pill are you on? Most I've had you're meant to have a breakthrough bleed (ie. Stop taking it for a wk or take the sugar pills in the pk for a week)

I always found that running packs together (if that's what your gp advised to stop the bleeding) for the first few months I would get a breakthrough bleed anyway - the fact that it's dark means it's old blood rather than from new tissue, fact that it's happening means either you need a few more months to adapt or in 3-4 months could consider trying a stronger pill.


The mini pill Cerrazette, I take it every day there's no week off or sugar pills and I don't have a period. but I prefer it that way because my periods are so agonising :(


May just take a few more months to completely stop the periods. Hope it works out for you x


I hope so, thank you :-) x


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