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Recovering Post-Lap - Peritoneal Excision!

Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone is feeling good!

So I had my lap on Monday! Gynae removed some more spots of endo, stripped away some of the lining of the Peritoneum & fitted a coil again! Said it all looked very red & angry in there, which I take not to be such a good thing!? :-s

Had a bit of a scary moment with my belly button wound - it felt a bit strange so I told the nurse & when she pulled the cover on the bed back my gown around my tummy was covered in blood, as well as the blanket! Not a very pleasant experience - I've never had that happen before! My wound directly below that decided to follow suit later, when I suddenly felt it trickling! Eeek! But the lovely nurses covered them both up with pressure bandages & they seemed to eventually stop luckily! Has anyone else ever had that happen??

So glad to have this behind me, but I currently feel like I've done a mix of hundreds of sit-ups and been seriously punched internally :-\

Came home yesterday late morning, with Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Codeine & the lovely Movical to get things moving, but still really uncomfortable! I'm living off Peppermint Tea to try & help shift the Gas/shoulder pain, but if anyone has any other ideas to help this, I'd love to know!!

Sorry for the great big post... xx

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I'm in same boat I had lap Friday and not had anything taken out . Found peppermint tea black did the trick with helping me poo and moving gas.

Still had it trapped the 4th day and couldn't lie down, slept sitting up.

Weened myself of the codeine to paracetamol as can't have ibuprofen. Worst day was the 4th felt achy, weakand emotional.

Only advice is rest and keep cuts dry. Don't lift anything and try be kind to yourself. As in rest .

hugs on recovery and if they open again go straight a & e get them glued xxx


Oh I'm sorry you didn't get anything removed! Must be so frustrating - what will they do for you now? I was a bit apprehensive that would happen with me as my last op was only this May!

Been drinking Peppermint tea as though it's going out of fashion... trying to keep the fruit + veggies up to get things moving, but no luck yet! Fingers crossed it starts moving soon as I'm sure I'll feel better after that! :-) For some odd reason the pain is worse on my left shoulder - I've found that heat on it makes it much more comfortable though!

I hate the emotional feelings that come after an op, but just something we have to put up with I guess!

Braved it & did the shower & hair-wash thing this morning - that's enough excitement for one day!!!! ;-)

Hugs to you & I hope you're feeling better soon too! xoxo


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