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Endometriosis and thickened endometrium

Had my hysteroscopy this morning and no mass thank god, just full of blood. The doctor did say the endometrial lining is quite thickened and friable and so has taken some more biopsies.

I thought it might be due to the progesterone I am on (depo-provera and norethisterone tablets) but it seems oestrogen is actually the causal agent if the thickening is hormonal is cause an progesterone is the treatment.

I do have an enlarged ovary though so whether my body is just disregarding the progesterone analogues and doing it own thing?

Has anyone had this finding on hysteroscopy?

I'm so fed up of constant bleeding tiredness and bad pain. Just want to know what it is. I do have endo but doc is going down the route that endo should be under control with the treatment I'm on hence the tests to rule out other causes.

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Hi Vicki_Ann,

I am glad no mass was found when they did the hysteroscopy. Hope you get some answers soon from the biopsies they took.

I am due to have a hysteroscopy On 4th January, but under a general anesthetic as due to how my body is with the endo, they can't do it without.

I'm sorry that I am unable to answer your query, but just wanted to say glad it went ok and hope you are recovering well from the procedure. x


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