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Bowel resection

Hi all, just joined.

I've just had my 5th lap, diagnosed nearly 12 years ago. I now have a mirena coil to control the endo but this stops working after approx 2.5 years and I have to have a GA to change it. Unfortunately, when I had this done in October the new coil wasn't fitted properly and after being in agony had a 3.5 hour op to remove endo, adhesions and separate organs etc that had fused together.

I'm now feeling a little apprehensive as I still have endo growing from outside my bowel, full thickness inside my bowel and through the other side. I now have to wait and see if I can tolerate the pain, if any, from this or if I opt for having a bowel resection done, which terrifies me. I also have to hope it doesn't completely block my bowel, although I guess that removes the decision!! Has anybody any experience of this? Many thanks

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Hello there you are right it us a bit of a waiting game with bowel endo as the surgery can be major once it infiltrates into the bowel wall.

I had a bowel resection a few weeks ago and gave recovered really well ,they did have to open me up in the end but so far so good .

I hope this gives you a little encouragement if you have to face this .all the very best


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