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Pelvic and Groin Pain

A bit of history:-

Sept 2015 I has a dull pain on my right side with was persistent. After a investigative laparoscopy by appendix were inflamed and removed. Pain lasted approx 2 weeks but I still felt horrible so doctor suspected a kidney infection and gave me a course of antibiotics. I felt ok while on the antibiotics but after being off them for approximately 7 days I started with horrendous pain in my right groin and pelvis. I felt like I was being stabbed, the pain would come and go and there was no pattern and strong pain killers only took the edge off it. After another course of antibiotics again it has eased but I can still feel something painful in the same area. I have had X-rays, ultrasounds and 2 X ct scans. First ct scan was clear but it was without the dye and am awaiting results on the 2nd one. I have had loads of bloods done and again nothing showing up. Any idea what this could be?

I have been pain free for 4 days but tried exerising yesterday which has again started the pain up but not a fraction of what it was.

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Hi, hopefully it is just an infection, and it will clear up soon, but if it persists maybe ask to see a gyne, do you have any other issues, periods etc



No previous problems, just started after my appendix were removed x


I had the same type of pain but always got it in left side of my pelvis I always got it before my period was due and when I was on them I was referred to gynaecology last year as my doctor didn't seem to know what was causing it I ended up in hospital three times last year and scan showed a cyst on my right ovary one doctor suspected endometriosis as well and I had my lap done this year showed endometriosis in my womb and my pouch of Douglas and joined to my womb with aheadions I'm no expert on this but I reckon yours could be endo or even a ovarian cyst but think asking to be sent back to gynaecology might be your best bet due to the pain that your in good luck hope you feel better soon xxe


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