returning pain after excision by BSGE specialist

Hi I've been ready a post regarding returning pain after a laperoscopy,

Be good to know if people where treated by specialist and how long after there endo pain came back after excision,

So I would like to start a poll.

Can you awnser just

Excision by specialist: yes no

Pain came back: months years etc

pain free : months year etc

how many laps: ?



I think everyone would love to know these details

Thank you for partisapating.


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  • I'll go first

    Specialist: no

    Pain returned : straight after

    Laps : 1

    Hysterectomy: yes Adeno

    Oopherectomy: no

    Pain after hyst: straight away progressively worse


  • Excision by specialist: first no, second yes

    Pain came back: Yes after about a year

    pain free : never been completely pain free

    how many laps: 2 so far...32mm endometrium cyst and 16mm endometrium cyst found in ovaries so waiting on seeing consultant on Friday

    Hysterectomy: no only 25

    Oopherectomy: no

  • Excision by specialist: no

    Pain came back: after 6-8 months

    pain free : never been completely pain free

    how many laps: 1, was nor diagnosed with endo, just adhesions, but am now being referred to specialist as this diagnosis is in question

    Hysterectomy: no

    Oopherectomy: no

  • I was once told a silly question is only the one you don't ask!

    Excision by specialist: no

    Pain came back: about 2 months

    pain free : never

    how many laps: only one diagnostic one

    Hysterectomy: no, I'm only 20

    Oopherectomy: no

    Hope you have a pain free day today! x

  • Excision by specialist - yes

    Pain came back - not in same way at all. Uncomfortable sometimes/twinges that I can ignore (mostly) after about 2 years but nothing requiring seeing Dr/consultant at all.

    Pain free - 4 years

    How many laps - one only. Didn't have diagnostic as consultant was sure I had endo and so I had excision at the same time. Biopsys taken during the lap confirmed endo.

    Hysterectomy - no

    Oopherectomy - no. Lost half of right ovary in lap due to chocolate cyst and endo damage.

  • Excision by specialist: NO

    Pain came back: 1st lap straight after, 2nd lap 3 weeks after

    pain free : felt much better 5 months after 2nd lap still the odd twinge/pain requiring pain relief but so much better

    how many laps: 2

    Hysterectomy: NO

    Oopherectomy: NO

  • Thanks ladies, please keep them coming

  • Excision by specialist: Yes, August 2014

    Pain came back: 2 months later for bowel symptoms but pain felt different, started getting diaphragmatic endo symptoms 4 months after which I never had before and this gets progressively worse every month since.

    pain free : 16 months - wouldn't say pain free but period pains are definitely a lot less intense than they were pre-excision. No pain during intercourse or orgasm at all since excision.

    how many laps: 2 - one diagnostic and one excision.

    Hysterectomy: no

    Oopherectomy: no

  • Excision by specialist: yes

    Pain came back: not enough to warrant revisiting consultant

    pain free: I'm as pain free as I think I can be. Overall the pain was greatly relieved. Now more like odd twinges and a bit of cramping 12 months later. Still have really bad back/hip pain but specialist believes it's unrelated :/. I had the Mirena inserted during lap.

    how many laps: 1

    Hysterectomy: no

    Oopherectomy: no

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