Radio discussion on Endo

Hi, a few weeks ago I listened to a discussion on Radio 2 about Endometriosis. Their aim was to raise awareness of this illness. I found it very helpful because I got my boyfriend to listen to it, and he now understands more of what I'm going through, and as a result, he is able to have more of an idea on how to comfort me and give me the support I need. It has made him feel better now he is more knowledgeable on the matter, so that makes me feel better too.

I've included the link if anyone wants to listen to it, or if you want someone who is close to you to listen to it :)

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  • Interesting although the doctor seemed to imply the hormones drugs work and/or a hysterectomy cures the disease. For ease, the discussion starts over an hour in (1:10 minutes) and there are a couple of songs during the chat. They do read out a few messages from some sufferers and talk to two women though which was good. Thanks for the link...!!!

  • No problem :) I hope it helps people become more aware of what Endo is.

  • Agree. Didn't really like how Dr Jarvis was playing down the disease!!

  • I have found a post from a few weeks ago. It's about the radio talk and it's from the woman who spoke on the radio.

  • i must admit i was excited to hear that there was going to be some publicity but i was left feeling disheartened after listening to this. the lady doctor made it sound like its easily resolved and down talked it a lot. when they spoke to one of the callers she cut her short then started to say how really she was a rare case and the majority of women are easily sorted by giving the pill or coil. if only it was that easy!!!

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