Endo on uretas and stents !

Hi ladies hope you are all well, I finally got a date for my excision op (29th April ) I can't wait to hopefully be in less pain but I always feel so confused after I have been to the hospital. I have extensive endo and my last consultant said it was too extensive for her to remove she referred me and now my new guy is doing my op he said that he hopes to excise it but as it's attached to my uretas he will be putting stents in first and not sure how long they will be in but that my surgery will only be a day case ??? Anyone had anything similar xxx

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  • They hold the ureters open and stop them getting constricted by endo and adhesions, keeping the tube as a tube so the pee can reach the bladder.

    Use the search box on the green bar to look for the word Stents.

    There are several ladies who have had this procedure done already.

    They are tiny as in skinny - but usually occupy the length of the ureter

    - the ureter tube inside is about the same width as a tear duct in the eye and the stent is wider so there can be discomfort for a few days while the ureters adjust. Gotta have painrelief for that if you do suffer the pain.

    The decision on whether a temporary or permanent stent is needed will depend on the damage already done by the endo or adhesions.

    Some ladies have them in forever and others just while the healing from surgery is taking place then at a later date it or they are removed.

  • Hello, I had excision of stage 4 and had my ureters unblocked, if I'm remembering correctly he said a lot of ops like this you will have stents put in them to protect them during surgery, they catheterise them so they more visible so they don't accidentally get snipped, but if your talking stents to stay in afterwards I'm not sure. My lap was 6 hours and I stayed in hospital for 2 nights, I had a lot of work done too, was back to work after another 7 days at home x

  • They might just use the light up stents so they can c ur ureter clearly and not cause damage to it that is what they did with me.then I was unlucky and suffered complications so have a stent in 4 3 wks if u have a stent inserted and left in it is not norm day surgery. good luck

  • Hi there:) You may well have done what Impatient has suggested and clicked on the box re. Stents and read my experience with stents. Unfortunately I had mine put in during one op in preperation for my hysterectomy. My ureters had become encased in a rectal endo mass so to be freed the stents were put in to keep open and also for guidance.So I was told 6 months max and then removed in the op. Hysterectomy done stents still in . Unfortunately I had a horrid time with them so to have the hyster and then be told they were still in for a couple more weeks to let any swelling or further complications subside was torture. I had them for a further 6 weeks . I can't imagine this will be your case. They may well keep them in for a week or two post op due to recovery. They take them out cystoscopy which doesn't hurt . Well one didn't the other had crusted with calcium so I had it out by general basically they were in too long. I don't want my experience to worry you ,a lot of people tolorate stents and don't know they have them and for you I'm sure it will be for a short spell. Please feel free to ask me anything about them especially if you still have them insitu after and have concerns. Good luck with your op and a healthy you after. Hugs J x

  • Thanks ladies for all your replies, I did as impatient suggested and searched stents this morning at 5am when I couldn't sleep !! Jalo it sounds like you had a horrendous time really hope you are now pain free. I hate this horrid disease and find it so hard that most doctors/consultants are so vague as to what is happening I guess it's cos they really don't know what is going on in there till they open you up. I am going to try and stay positive and see what happens on the day, lily I can't believe you were back at work a week later thats amazing :) are you still pain free now ? Rachel xx

  • Yep still pain free, 8 months now. I recovered really quick though I know before people jump in and say you need 8 weeks off, just like to give people a fair opinion, a lot say you will be laid up in bed for weeks but we are all different aren't we? I was fine after mine and keen to get back to work but I manage my endo quite well day to day with pain meds so it didn't floor me the surgery xx

  • Amazing you were back at work within 7 days after that extensive and long surgery - good on you lilly - nice to hear such positive stories. I'd love to know where you had surgery, I want the same surgeon :- ) and the fact you are pain free 8 months on - WOW - love to hear this.

  • I'm in the Nortwest are you? I'm in Manchester, if your local I will inbox you the surgeons name, I recommended him to a few ladies on here one had total periteneoum excision with him last week, I can't rate him enough, most would never have attempted that surgery by lap, he gave me my quality of life back and a lovely lovely man too xx

  • Hello,

    It can be very confusing. Over the past 18 months I have had 4 stents and finally surgery to remove part of my bladder and part of my ureter removed and re-plumbed all due to endo. The stents are usually used as a first defence to open the ureter and ease the pressure on your kidneys. This sometimes works for some ladies and the ureter remains open after stent removal. They can try this on repeated occasions, even inserting a balloon to open the ureter. This is nearly always a day case and nothing to worry about, sometimes there can be a little pain afterwards but mostly you don't even know you have one. If you do have a resection on your ureter this is usually done as open surgery as opposed to key hole. I was in hospital for four days and then returned home with a stent and catheter for two weeks. Again this was not half as bad as anticipated. 8 months after my surgery I am feeling so much better although I do have permanent damage to my kidneys but I am so grateful that the endo was removed.

    I wish you all of the luck in the world and fingers crossed that you will respond well to the stents. The operation and stents were nowhere nearly as bad as I anticipated and you are on the road to hopefully a pain free future. x x x

  • As soon as the first stent was removed I felt so much better already . My experience was pretty long winded and uncomfortable but all good now and hopefully endo free. Good luck to you and your upcoming op:) and fingers crossed for an endo free future. Xxx

  • Hi there, I have just had a laparoscopy and they removed the endo off my uretas right up to my kidney on the right hand side. I was day case and was in theatre a couple of hours. What would you like to know? Rebecca xxxx

  • Hi Rebecca thanks for the reply it sounds like you had what I am having, did they leave the stents in and how has your recovery been ? Thanks xxx

  • And thanks to Victoria and lilly too for your replys there definitely helping to calm my nerves and reassure me xx

  • I love all these comments they give me so much hope, I can't wait to feel normal. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind with endo and all of you make me feel so much better :) huge thanks and lily I am in the north west I am having my surgery at Burnley, did you go to the endo clinic in Manchester or was he just a normal gynae surgeon ? Xx

  • I paid to see a private gynae but I was going through the process of ivf alongside it (we hadn't realised how bad I was at this point) he put me on his NHS list and got me sorted before ivf, I was at St Mary's Manchester x

  • Sorry meant to say, my gynae is also head of the ivf unit there too so everything was done to protect my fertility too xx

  • I just had a total hysterectomy and repair to large bowel, plus removal of endo from ureters and stents put on, which I believe are temporary and being removed at 6 weeks. The ureter involvement was a complete surprise to me, even though I have had a lot of surgery for endo in the past. I hope to finally be clear of it now. I'm 46 and have my 2 children fortunately. The kidney problem caused my kidney function to go down a bit and I had to stay in hospital for 5 days, it was very painful. However, now its 10 days post op and I am feeling much better, could even drive the car now. I'm not looking forward to having the stents removed though. They put the bladder catheter in the wrong place(!) hence the kidney function problem.

  • I didn't have exactly the same issue but I had an Endometriosis mass that was seen on an ultrasound between my uterus and bladder. It was causing a lot of lower abdominal pains. My gynecologist referred me to a gynecologist oncologist for the surgery since he was highly experienced and one of best surgeons in Maryland. He performed the surgery using the Davinchi Robot but also had to go in through my bladder to carefully remove the Endometeriosis and stents were used. The surgery wasn't bad at all, the worst part was having a catheter for 2 weeks.

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