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Aches and lethargy

Hi all, hope your all doing ok. Just wanted to ask does anyone else experience achy bones, like flu like symptoms every joint aches I was wondering if it is linked to endo? I'm also experiencing extreme lethargy and if I push myself to make the effort and go out with my partner, it has a negative impact the days after as I'm soooo tired. I'm currently on countdown I have planned surgery on the 14th December. Thanks in advance

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That's how my endo symptoms started. I kept getting flu like viral symptoms every second month or so (I now know it was when I ovulated on my right side). After about 6 months of this the aches/flu symptoms became continuous.

I'm now 4 weeks post surgery and although I still feel tired, the aches are no where near as bad. I think the fatigue is from the anesthetic (at least I hope so anyway) and that it will ease up over the next few weeks.

Good luck with your surgery xxx


A www thanks Hun I hope things go well for you x


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