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Leg aches

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Does anyone else with endometriosis constantly have leg aches? It used to just be on my period, but now it's all the time. What have you found helps you to cope with it?

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I get a random ache in one leg and use Helichrysum oil which seems to help. It is expensive for what you get - I use one drop daily mixed in moisturiser and the bottle lasts about three weeks if you tap it against your hand to get enough out. It has a strong smell but that fades. I stick to Absolute Aromas' Helichrysum oil as I bought a cheaper version which had a different smell and didn't work. Do check with your doctor if you do want to give it a try. I hope this helps you.

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Sorry to hear you have been getting leg pains! I get these a lot. What helps me the most is a heat pad and strong pain killers! I find pressure on the legs/thighs also help. Lying down and letting your knees fall to the sides and having your feet meet together so your legs form like a diamond shape to open up the pelvis also helps me.

Hope you get some relief soon!

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I had leg pain when I had a large cyst on my ovary, once that was removed it has gone x

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Hi - I also suffer from leg pains, particularly radiating pain across the front of my thighs, which is a common problem with endo. I only started having them this year but they've become one of the worst symptoms now and, like you, I find that I'm having them for more of the month, rather than just around my period. Usually, it's the pelvic nerves that cause them and nerves are a complicated business, so who knows! I was taking OTC naproxen which did help quite a lot but I had to stop taking it because of interactions with other medication that I'm on. My GP has just prescribed tramadol instead which seems to help but it's early days. I would recommend trying the naproxen if it's okay for you to take it. In any case, I hope you find something that helps.

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Yes I’ve also been getting leg pains for the last year. I’ve had endo for 10 years but over the last year the leg pains have been getting worse.

Not just on my period but anytime of the month now. Mine is an ache in my thighs but also kinda shooting pains up and down my whole leg!

At the moment I just take paracetamol and codeine but I have another hospital appointment next month so hoping they can recommend something!

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yes, I get these too, more so on my right leg, which is continuous. I also had trouble with sciatica. I am currently taking amytriptalin to help with the nerve pain andand it has reduced the intensity of the pain quite a bit

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I get leg pain in both of my legs more in the back of my knees and thighs, what I find helps is now that I’m on codeine it has eased it off and also I’ve been getting into a cold bath after I’ve had a shower, even if it’s for a few minutes I find that it helps with the pain a little

Hope it gets better soon!

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Unfortunately you do get leg pains when you suffer wirh with endometriosis.

I suffered with real bad thighs and legs pain due to having a 8cm cyst on my left ovary which now has be removed and since then the thigh and leg pain gone since surgery. Also I suffered with lower back pain, which seems to have gone aswell.

Hope it gets better soon x.

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check electrolytes . dont be dehydrated.

oil ofevening primrose capsules might help

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Yes it’s a common problem but unfortunately some medical professionals don’t know this and tell you it’s arthritis.😡 I find using a heat pad and lying down help.

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sorry to hear this, I get thigh and back pains with my cyst. I've found CDB drinks are a godsend for pain relief. I would recommend Good lyfe and Little ricks (most organic hippie stores sell them in the fridges for £2) as they're 30-32mg CBD so a bit stronger and are THC and alcohol free. CBD hot teas are really nice too for relaxing. While hot water bottles are nice I tend to find they are a bit of a placebo.

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I have suffered with restless legs for a long time and have found Magnesium cream works like a dream. As soon as my legs start i put it on thighs and calfs (it says to put on soles of feet too which i have also done) and it gives soo much relief

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