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Constantly sick

Hi all, does anyone else find that they get ill very easily. All I hear people say to me is " your always ill". Anything that's going around being colds, sickness bugs etc I seem to pick it up vey easily. I'm working full time and it's exhausting me. Last week I had a throat and ear infection, that's cleared from antibiotics. Now I feel dizzy, sick and can't stop sneezing! It's just one thing after another. I can't take anymore time off of work as I'm trying to get a pay rise and this will not happen if I do. It's just a constant battle :( xx

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Yep- I always seem to be ill. It's so frustrating! As soon as I can feel myself getting ill I try and rest a bit and take vitamins as I've learnt that if I don't it just lingers for ages. Sorry your feeling awful it's such a pain when people say oh your ill again- isn't it! I virtually see their eyes rolling if I say I'm ill so I try not to say anything which doesn't really help me get better but it feels like it stops the judgement. Sending get well wishes your way xxx


I had flu like symptoms every time I had a period or was ovulating for years. The sore throat, ear ache etc. always started on the left side. But these symptoms often changed into full blown infections. I also got blinding headaches for days on end every time I had a period.

My take on this is as follows. The endometrial tissue (I'll call them endo bits for short), get into the abdominal cavity through the fallopian tubes, the body's defence mechanisms realise there's something there that doesn't belong and absorbs them into the lymphatic system which normally gets rid of used cells and infections in the body. But it can't get rid of them . This may be because the womb has some way of stopping the immune system from attacking it to defend the foetus, which is of different DNA. So the endo bits then circulate in the immune system and possibly multiply in there. They then end up getting stuck in the lymphatic glands around the ear, nose and throat and because the immune system is clogged up with these and trying to destroy them but not managing it is less able to cope with any other infection.

I am now in my 40's, I have tried everything under the sun to try and stay healthy, (supplements, great diet, exercise etc.) over many years and nothing made much of a difference. Things just got worse and worse until it got to the stage where I was having difficulty breathing. The only relief I had in the past was when I was on the pill or Zoladex when I had no colds, flu or other infections at all.

The only way you are going to be healthy is going to be to get long term treatment for your endo.


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