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refused a lab!!

hello ladies, hope your all coping ok.

I had a emerg apt with my gyno consultant last week as I was admitted into hospital because of the pain from my endo.

my gp is brilliant has she has suffered from this disease also she sent me back to the consultant.

I am recently diagnosed with endo just with a ultrasound because my womb was so enlarged.

I now get pain from mild to extremely moderate all the time.

I seen my consultant and after a chat decided he would do a lap to investigate, but then to my horror he put me on the scales and told me my bmi was too high, then sed I would have to have the coil fitted for 3 months and review again, I left there crying my eyes out as I cant cope with the pain anymore, I have the strongest co codamol and tramadol.

also very scared about the coil being fitted and if it will stop my pain

I'm just at the end of my tether and feel so alone, any advise will be greatly welcomed

thanks bec

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I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. I'm not a doctor, but that doesn't sound right to me that you should be refused a lap just because of your weight. Since you say your GP is good, maybe she'd know whether there's a good medical reason for this or whether it's discriminatory? Also perhaps she could refer you to a different consultant since it sounds like this one may not be giving you the best care.


ya I was thinking of discussing this with my gp, I'm booked in on Friday to have the coil fitted which fills me with fear because I'm in so much pain as it is that I'm scared it will make it worse.

you really do feel your on your own sometimes, so grateful for this website x


Well I went to get coil fitted and they could not even find my cervix and I was in so much pain.

So it's back to the gynecologist again!!

Hopefully for a laposcapy


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