Added endo symptoms making life even more difficult; constantly drained and in pain!

I've had suspected endo for 7 months and still awaiting surgery for diagnosis of which I was referred for at start of Feb. I've got nearly all symptoms of it including the bowel issues some can get but recently for 3 weeks been getting severe headaches which I was tested for. All fine so they're putting it down to another symptom I have from endo. Now the past few days my headaches have worn off a bit but now literally every time I start feeling hungry and when I eat anything I'm in agony with these horrible cramps all over my back, chest and abdominal area on top of all other pains I'm getting. It's getting to the point where I'm weary to eat or want to leave half meal or more. I just really feel I'm reaching the end of my tether with this. I've just been finding it much more difficult to cope with mentally and with the added physical effects these other symptoms are giving me. I'm feeling really lonely and it's so difficult having a nearly 4 year old as much as I'm blessed with her. The op has been chased up 3 times since and no reply even so it's now in the hands of my Drs secretary. Do you think my added symptoms to this could speed it up more? Any advice too on how to help these awful digestive system pains as mint cordial isn't very effective!!? Thanks guys. Anyone who reads and comments I'd much appreciate xx

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  • Hi there. I can sympathise totally with what you are going through regarding the long and frustrating wait for treatment/diagnosis. I was 23 months from my GP referral to ultrasounds then CT scans then MRI scans to finally having a lap last August. The only reason I got my lap brought forward (as the hospital said their waiting list was so long I might have to wait until December!!) was because in desperation I e-mailed my local MP. I gave him all my history with the hospital (dates for tests, name of consultant ect) and was totally honest with him regarding the way it was affecting my relationships with my husband, children, family and friends. How I was trying to work through pain and that I was at the end of my tether. I also referred to the NHS constitution, which states that from referral to treatment should be within 18 weeks and that perhaps 23 months was rather too long!! Anyway, 2 days later I received a phone call from the hospital offering me a date for my lap.

    So perhaps it might be worth a go, you have nothing to lose and best wishes to you - keep fighting!! xx

  • It sounds like you might have acid reflux or something go to docs and ask for omeprazole that's what i am on,or try gaviscon over the counter xx

  • That can be caused by endo issues can't it? Okay thank you. I tried rennie which seemed to help more but not fully so I'll ring Drs Monday if carries on or worse and nothing suggested works! Thank you x

  • Hi Hun try camomile and spearmint tea. It can help soothe digestive issues.

  • Thank you Jean! I remember speaking with you before.. I've tried chamomile which has helped with relaxing but not that. I have some peppermint tea in, will that help the same as spearmint? X

  • Yeah it might do Hun.

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