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Norethisterone - is it worthwhile?

I have endo and had 2 lots of surgery. I have a large nodule in my bowel I am trying to live with as I am scared of more surgery and it's not in a good place. My doctor has just put me on this drug and I have been on it 2 weeks now. It's making me depressed, stressed, tearful and hormonal. Like having pmt without the period. Will this get better and should I persist? I am not a very nice person to live with at the mo.....

I was meant to go on provera but apparently my chemist could not get it due to a manufacturing issue.

Any advice about either drug would be appreciated.

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when you say doctor, do you mean specialist in endo or just your GP?. ask for another pharmacy to get the provera maybe?

It really sounds like you should go back to your doctor, you shouldn't have to suffer like this. hugs xxx


No its really not worth it at all!

I would go back and explain how you've been feeling and all the problems.

Plus in the long run it will give you more side effects emotionally and physically so really not worth it.

I am an endo sufferer too. Stage 5. Im currently taking homeopath medicine and im also going to see a private endo specialist who can remove it (expensive tho)

Good luck go back and change your meds.

X x


I'm afraid I don't know anything about Provera, but I was put on Norethisterone whilst waiting for my 2nd lap.

I recognise all the side-effects you describe. I managed to stick at it for 10 weeks before having to stop, as my mood was getting worse. According to my GP, it can take up to 6 months for the physical benefits to show, but I knew neither I nor my husband (!) could stand it ;-)

This is just my own experience and I know plenty of other people who have found it helpful. Otherwise, has your doctor ruled out any of the combined pills? My sister, who also has endometriosis, takes packets back-to-back, reducing everything down to 4 bleeds a year.

Look after yourself and don't beat yourself up if you decide to stop Noresthisterone. Loads of women refer to progesterone as the 'rage hormone' for a good reason!



It was my gynae consultant who suggested I go on provera but my gp prescribed Norethisterone when the chemist said it was not available. I am meant to be testing the drugs before going onto a 3 monthly injection.

Thanks for your replies. Fed up of being moody and having stress dreams.


I was told by my consultant who ais in bsge acredited centre that no amount if hormone therapy will help with endo in the bowel,


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