How long until I bleed after stopping norethisterone?

I've been on norethisterone for 9 months now and had 2 breaks whilst on it. I bled within 3-4 days of stopping it before but now it's been 7 days. I'm not on any other medication at the moment and am getting slightly worried about being pregnant! Is it possible that I am? We forgot I'd stopped taking it the day after I stopped and didn't use contraception but I wouldn't have thought I'd have ovulated that quick!! I conceived very quickly with both my children but surely not this quick after taking such a high dose progesterone?? I'm going out tonight and am worried about drinking but it's too late to get a test now. Has anyone else taken ages to start bleeding after stopping norethisterone? x

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  • hey i take naristerone and it normally the longest takes me 3days to bleed...normally its the day after i

  • hmmm me too, this is why I'm worried lol, other half is getting me a test today so we shall see xxx

  • I was on norethistorone for last two years with few breaks in the middle. it took me 4-5 days to start bleeding sometimes less than than.

    goodluck with your test

  • he forgot to get a test lol, typical man! Still no sign of my monthly so I'll be getting a test tomorrow...scared much...erm yes lol x

  • I've done a test now and it was negative, still no period though....weird!

  • bak to the docs you xxxx

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