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Hey. I'm ten days post lap and already the pain is back.

Having really sharp pain which I can only describe as "right up through me" it's pretty constant.

Just wanted to see if this is something others get? I'm only newly diagnosed and haven't seen anyone properly since being diagnosed. So not sure if it is an endo pain?!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This forum is the only thing that is keeping me sane at the moment!

Jade X

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Hi jade

Im 15 days post first lap and im only just feeling better today!

My consultant said it can take 2 to 3 months for the pains to go.

Did you have excision surgery?

All the best

Kirsty x


Contact your gp invade you have an infection x


Hi Jade. You will experience pain like that as your body has been 'invaded' and is healing itself. I had that pain with both my ops. Its horrific i know but be strong and take the meds they have given you xx


I'm a week after a lap and excision surgery and had the same sort of pain last night. I feel very uncomfortable after eating X


Thankyou everyone for your messages.

I don't think I had anything more done than fluid through my tubes and diagnostic lap where they said I had endo in three places. I was pretty out of it so wasn't told anymore :(

I've had this pain before a few months ago, so didn't know if it was connected to lap or General endo pain.

I didn't get any pain relief so just taking co codamol and mefenamic acid and hoping for the best!



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