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5 weeks after having my laparoscopy to treat my endometriosis I have had to ring in sick again as I am lying in bed in excruciating agony, I have doubled my codeine so my head feels in another place but it hasn't helped my pain in any way, I am now able to restart the microgynon pill I'm just hoping that it helps the same way it did years ago, my GP said that my body has changed a lot since then so not to pin all my hopes on it, I'm running out of options, do we ever get any relief!

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Sorry your lap hasn't been the answer to your problems Hutchy. Were the surgeons confident they had successfully treated you? Maybe you need another appointment with your specialist? Hope you feel better soon x

Sorry you are in so much pain. Unfortunately the effects of a lap are not always instant, and it's so annoying that doctors don't tell us this. In particular the first period after a lap can be very painful. Your scars on the outside will have healed but you will still be healing inside. Ask your doctor for stronger painkillers if you need them. Do you have a follow up appointment with your consultant? Do you know what they did in the surgery? If you had a lot done it can take longer to feel better, but things should start to improve gradually. I had a big op a few years ago and my specialist said that I should expect to feel much better by 3 months post-surgery.

Oh I'm nervous now as I'm awaiting my first period after my lap and terrified it's going to be even worse than before 😔 x

Too be honest I have no idea what was done apart from biopsies that were taken confirmed endometriosis, I've spoken with the consultants secretary and they normally don't review laparoscopy patients that have had their endometriosis sorted, they only see the consultant when the pain gets too much again, I did request a copy of the letter they were sending to my GP but have not received that yet, this is my second period since my op I'm praying the next one isn't this bad x

Sorry if I scared you! You might be fine! But at least if it is bad you'll know it's not unusual. Stock up on painkillers just in case! x

My first period post lap was no worse than usual. The hardest bit for me was being told I could not use tampax... pads only! Yuck! Felt like I was a teenager all over again. I now have a new appreciation for tampax!

This is my second period and so pleased I can use tampax this time, I'm just hoping that it's my body still healing itself although the pains are exactly the same as before x

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