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Follow-up after lap surgery

Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for advice as to what I should ask my consultant in my post-laproscopy appointment. Since my op in July I've had 2 severe episodes of crippling pain, dispite the surgeon being optimistic that he had removed my endo. Last time I saw my consultant he said the plan was to do nothing further unless I had problems. What options do you think he will discuss/ should I bring up?

Additionally, nothing about my fertility was mentioned in my last appointment. I'm not sure what implications of endo are on this.

Thanks for your advice :)

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My endo pain returned around 3 months after my first (and only) laparoscopy. Next time you go in, your doctor will likely discuss treatment plans. I will warn you, none of these plans will sound wonderful and it's going to be a lot to take in. I'd ask if you could take birth control (pills) on a continuous cycle if you haven't already and only get your period once every three months to lessen pain. Otherwise there's Lupron or other hormones but do your research! And there's really nothing they can say about fertility. I've been to 3 different doctors and one has told me that I should have children soon because I won't be able to if I wait (this really fucked me up and makes me think about it all of the time now) and the other two doctor said that I won't know until I'm ready. I may be able have to have kids just fine. I hope that with whatever treatment you use you'll be able to make your pain more managable!


They were as well optimistic with my endo that it was all fine after surgery. No painfull periods or pain in my right side. How wrong were they, year later still problems and i am not getting further then gp at the moment.

Make sure you find out what you want from consultant and what they can do for you. What sort of pain and which part of your cycle. You know it is endo, but with the pain what part of your life is affected? Work, personal life, etc. Do you think about the pill, coil, surgery?

They said to me if i want to have children i should hurry up, because i am getting older, but it is up to me what i should do. They never said anything yet about my fertility.


Hi, I don't think I can offer advice but I'm interested in your post as I had a lap last week and my period is due this week. I don't know whether it'll be the same, better or worse than before. I'm not optimistic as I had limited adhesiolysis as the rest was too far advanced to treat there and then. I have to wait until January and get through Christmas before my follow-up appointment. It's so hard to get an appointment that I want to make sure I get all the answers I need. The gyni told me straight after the op that I have three options: IVF, injections to dry up my ovaries or a hysterectomy. Every case is different so everyone's treatment will be different. In terms of my fertility, the chances of conceiving naturally are 'remote' and my best chance would be IVF. But lots of women with endo go on to have children normally so it's not necessarily a done deal. Hope you get the results you hope for x


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