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Any advice regarding the coil?


In March 2014 I had laser treatment and a cool fitted to reduce the pain and constant bleeding caused by the condition. All was fine until August when I started bleeding and the pain came back. They said the coil had slipped and was the result of the abdominal pain. It was removed and a new one put in.

I have recently started having pain again, I'm not sure if it's been brought on my stress or issues with the coil. It's weeks before I can get an appointment and I've heard some horror stories with the coil.

Has anyone else had any similar issues?

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I had the coil fitted 5 years ago for endometriosis and last week I had my third laparoscopy because of the problems it has caused.

I got an infection from the coil which caused Pelvic Inflammatory Disease resulting in adhesions. Twice my left ovary has been attached to my bowel and the third time to my womb.

If your getting stabbing pains localised around the same area then it could be a similar issue.

Speak to your gynaecologist about your concerns they'll know the best course of action :)


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