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Livial and testesterone post hysterectomy

I'm having HRT problems and wonder if anyone can share experiences. I'm on kiliofem and prior to this I was on patches but oestrogen was not getting absorbed into my system. My levels were below 70 but should have been 200 in Sep 2015. My hysterectomy was over a year ago and for the first 4 months I felt good.

Since being starved of oestrogen I've developed awful fatigue, weight gain, food cravings sugary and salty and aching joints no libido etc no motivation etc.

My blood tests from last week showed an increase in oestrogen to 386 which is a lot better.

My gynae is considering livial and small dose of testerterone ..... anyone got any experience of this combination? ?

I would appreciate any advice as HRT is a minefield!

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