Trying to remain positive!

Day off today and have woken up in pain :( on day 19 of my cycle! I don't like to take painkillers too much throughout month as need them relentlessly on day 1&2 of my period but I've succumbed today, and hot water bottle is a must. I was seen by a consultant privately a couple of months ago who said I have endo, but I've had to back to NHS for a referral for laparoscopy as can't afford it privately. Frustrating as she could have done it the following week! I was unsure about the lap but I think I need to know how bad it is before I go down the hormone treatment route. I try to remain positive and I'm sure I don't have it as bad as a lot of people on here but period pain has to be one of the most gnawing pains ever! I'm 43 and the last couple of years I've been back and forth with IBS symptoms, even had a colonoscopy that was clear. If it turns out I have endo very severly I shall be quite peeved as I pretty much had to diagnose myself before getting a referral! Just wanted to rant a bit as its v difficult to explain how rubbish this condition can make you feel to those who don't have it. So thank you for listening and wishing you all a positive day x

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  • I hope you will feel better really soon! X

  • I do the same,save tabs for my periof.

    just found co codemol and chuffed with how few I have take before pains gone.

    did you pay private for consultation?

  • I've not tried co-codamol, I heard they constipate which I have enough trouble with anyway but perhaps I should try them! Yes private consultation and scan, but lap is way too pricey to go private!

  • Your situation sounds similar to mine, I had a clear colonoscopy too. If you don't mind me asking, how long did you wait for your private consultation after the doctor referred you? I'm going to my GP on Thursday to ask for a referral and would like to go privately for the consultation. Sorry to hear you're in pain x

  • Hiya, I didn't have to wait long for the private consultation, once I had the letter I had an appt within a week. Not sure how long I will have to wait for the lap on the nhs though. Pain has subsided thankfully although I have such bad pmt I'm weeping at everything even if I'm happy! Hope you manage to get some answers x

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