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Has anyone had a return of symptoms after excision?

Morning ladies,

I'm 23 and was diagnosed surgically with Endo when I was 21.

I had my 3rd laparoscopy on 27th November 2014 which (as far as I was aware) encluded excision of the widespread endo. I always had a horrible pain on the right side/ovary area and when they went in last year they found my right ovary encased in a "pelvic deformity" which I guess was a load of adhesions, it made my ovary stick to my pelvic wall. No wonder I was getting pain there.

I was due to start the depo injection (after trying many pills and the mirena; none of which suited me so me and the consultant decided to try depo) but delayed it (by about 6 months) due to being a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding and I was scared of gaining weight as the dress couldn't be altered (we were already on the 5th dress!) since August I have been getting symtoms I had before - pain during period, irregular bleeding, heavy with clots, pain a few days before and after period as well as sporadic times throughout the cycle. Last month I thought my left ovary was going to burst out of me, I was close from collapsing and going to A&E but didn't and waited it out - I can honestly say through my 9 years of suffering that was the worst pain I have ever felt, I thought I was going to deliver my womb at one point as there is no way I'm pregnant. The surgeon said he put anti adhesion gel in my pelvis after the surgery - has anyone developed adhesions after having that also? As if it isn't my endo playing up then I'm possibly thinking adhesions or cyst.

How long has it taken for you to get diagnosed? How many laps have you had? What medication works for you?

I wish you all a pain free day as possible.

Best wishes, x

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