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Done my surgery.video laparoscopy

Its my second surgery.way back year 2013 they told me i have bilateral endometriosis left and right fallopian tube, thats why i dont get pregnant. Then by the month of oct 2014.they saw again i have endometriosis and adhesion.So i decided to go through video laparoscopy.The Dr told me not to eat red meat,preservative, in food chain,dont drink coffee,soft drinks and any alcohol. i have to eat organic, all naturals and fruits...must be gluten free..must eat black rice.thats why i have to be careful now.

Thank you for this site.we have to share all our experiences here.suggestions, comments,our stories.

I cried a lot. Im 37 years old and i dont give up.i take those suppliments.it really big help for me.i must share it too.

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