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Need help coping with pain off the pill

Hi ladies,

Off the pill trying to conceive since may - had a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy so far.

Endo is getting worse, trying my hardest not to take tramadol and cope with acupuncture/paracetamol/hot water bottles. Even when I take the tramadol it isn't hitting the pain.

It is getting so bad I am crying and calling out in pain, can't stay on my feet and incredibly nauseous too. Pain predominantly lower left hand side but extends to whole pelvis, lower right hand side of stomach as well as upper left hand side and running up left hand side of my back, also going down my legs.

Any advice would be so appreciated I'm really struggling. Thanks xx

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Have you TRIED raspberry leaf tea ?

Its supposed to be effective although you need to drink it for at least 3 months to get full effect


Unfortunately I can't drink raspberry leaf tea - it can increase risk of early miscarriage (women take it in late pregnancy when they want to stimulate uterine contractions to induce labor) I already have 50% risk with endo/adeno so wouldn't be a good idea :-/


I'm sorry you're having so much trouble.

Have you tried the endo diet? That can really help ease the pain. Exercise helps too (just don't go too strenuously!). The pain for me is excruciating off the pill too but the diet and exercise actually help quite a bit. I'm also looking into herbal remedies - it could be worthwhile seeing a naturopath and gp to discuss what's best for your pain while also trying to conceive.

I hope you get better soon! X


Yes am on the endo diet, may need to be more stringent - reaching for comfort food when sore not ideal! Will try the naturopath, gp not that helpful x


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