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Advice Needed!


I’m not sure if I’m even in the right place but, I was directed to this forum by a good friend and I’m looking for some advice. I’m 33 and have struggled with horribly heavy and painful periods since puberty. My periods are semi regular (between 27 and 31 days) and last for about 7 days but I often spot for serval days before it arrives each month. When I do get my period I am in agony: I am usually always physically sick, I am dizzy and have a hollow feeling in my legs which leaves me weak, I have cramps in my tummy, lower back and tops of my legs and I turn into the most horrible person. I don’t function at all and usually take to my bed for a day or two until the symptoms start to calm down to a manageable level. This often means time off work. I have been to my doctors numerous times over the years but have been given very little support. The most common suggestion from my GP is to try various methods of birth control. In the past, this has worked to a point but, it has never really dealt with the problem. My husband and I have been unsuccessfully trying for a baby now for 20 months and I’m starting to get quite concerned if there is a link between my nightmare periods and the fact we are struggling to conceive! Obviously I have not been using birth control which has meant my periods are at their worst and with every month that passes and every painful period that arrives I am feeling more and more depressed and less and less able to cope. In August last year I went to my GP to discuss the fact that (a) my periods were becoming unmanageable and (b) that we were struggling to conceive and she pretty much just ignored the period issue and concentrated on our struggles to conceive. She carried out two tests: firstly I had to have a blood test to check that I ovulate, which I do. And secondly my husband had a sperm test to check that his swimmers are swimming, which they are. At that point she said we had to continue to try for another year and then if we were still unsuccessful she would refer us for further tests. We feel like we have been left in limbo. I have made an appointment to see my GP on Friday and want to ask to be transferred to a gynaecologist for further tests. Does anyone think my symptoms sound like I could have endometriosis? If so, what should my next steps be?



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There is a lovley lady on here called Lindle, if you message her, she can give you some excellent advice about what to do x hope you are feeling better very soon xx


Hi - I feel as though I and many others on here are continually repeating ourselves, but how can a young woman with years of obviously not normal periods, pelvic pain and difficulty conceiving not have endo considered as the most likely cause!

First of all click on my username and read my posts on endo and its many symptoms (the first post) and the latest one on Pouch of Douglas endo and you and your husband read them together (it's great that you have his support) and see what you identify with.

Then come back with a description of your symptoms throughout your cycle and we can condsider further x



Sorry to hear that you are bring left to deal with unbearable pain. I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis and have been in chronic pain for a year and a half prior to my diagnosis. All of the sign that you are describing sound very much like you may have endometriosis. I'm unsure if you know this but the only way suspected endometriosis can be diagnosed is by being sent to a consultant and they would offer you a laparoscopy to look and see if you have endometriosis. There are certainly connections with endometriosis causing problems with conceiving but do not despair there is treatment for this, a lot of ladies on here have successfully conceived after having a laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis.

I would get you Dr to refer you ASAP as there is usually a wait for a appointment with a consultant as there if for the laparoscopy.

I hope that your Dr listens to your symptoms and refers you to get the help you obviously are in need of.

Hope this helps

Jo xx


hi k, i feel so sorry for you, i agree with jo, when you see your dr on friday request for a lap done,

keep us updated.

sending hugs



Your story sounds like mine. My doctor wouldn't listen to me and in the end I went private. You know your body better than your doctor, if something feels wrong then keep pushing them to find out why, ask to be referred to a gynacologist. My periods are semi regular and I don't always have pain. Not being able to conceive for two years was my only true clue. Not everyone gets lots of pain. we are the same age and trying to conceive. Time is not on our side. So push your gp to investigate further.

Good luck x


Thank you for all your advice. I saw my doctor on Friday and she has agreed to refer me to my local endo centre to see one of their specialist gynaecologists. She said that if I have endometriosis the clinic aims to diagnose and treat me within 18 weeks. I just now have to wait (impatiently) for the referral letter to arrive. I feel like I am finally getting somewhere at long last.

As pleased as I am that things are moving in the right direction I have to say I'm angry that I had to do all the research into my symptoms and come up with a potential diagnosis myself. Surely my GP should have come to this conclusion long ago and I could have been offered help sooner! I just can't seem to fathom why there are so many women suffering and why the medical profession is ignoring it?

Anyway, I'll report back when I have more news.

Thanks again

Karen x


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