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Abnormal bleeding

Hi my name is LaToya I'm 25 & I've been having sevare abnormal bleeding. I had a cesarean section 2 year's ago & since march of this year I've been having abnormal bleeding. I'm a heavy drinker also, I often have rough sex so I'm just wondering if its either of them causing the problem. I'll see my period this week & within a few days after I think it's finish it comes bk hard, on & off. Most times I feel pain in my lower back. I've been taking contraceptives to stop it most times it works at times it takes like a day or 2 to stop & I have to take at least 4 pills for the day when I should of been taking one. Can u give me some advice on what is causing the problem?

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Hi I've had similar to you, I had a c sec 2 years ago and started bleeding 10 days ago at first it was about 3 days bloody discharge now it's right red blood and like a period. I took the last pill of my pack yesterday so it's not my period I've been having but have lower back pain cramping like I do when I'm on my period. I'm so scared and it's getting me down now. I have an ultrasound booked for next week because of a pain I've had over a year but this is the first time I've had abnormal bleeding and it's getting to me!


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