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Prostap bleeding on going day 15


Hi ladies how long on average does bleeding last on prostap I had the first injection ( 29th august ) and I've had my period a week later on the ( 7th sept ) which has now gone but I'm still having on & off bleeding which has been ( 15 days ) in total now ......

I'm just wanting to know anyones experience and how long the bleeding for you lasted and when it ended?

It be great hearing from you all x ❤

I've not been diagnosed with endometriosis or why the on going heavy prolonged periods are down too! My gyne just put me on this drug with telling me it SHOULD STOP MY PERIODS!

I really dont think it's going to help with my periods as this strange bleeding is still on going on & off

I've been to my docs and they cannot prescribe me anything to stop it I'm at a loss on what to do now but my 2nd injection is ( 28th November) and I'm in 2 minds on whether to get it done or not as with this BLEEDING not stopping yet is making me very nervous and worried!

I've not had any diagnoses to my periods being abnormal and the gyne has dismissed the fact of this or even getting me tested!

Please if anyone can be any good to help and reassure me I'll be happy and can try relax alittle x

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I had my first prostap injection on 30th, and my body did pretty much the same as yours, I'm still bleeding in and off now, this happened during my first course of treatment last year but after my second injection, it did stop, my treatment ended on 4th December and I think my first period was 6 weeks later.

I do have my injections 4 weekly though, so not sure how yours will go if its not til November, unless you had the 3 month injection.



I had the 3 monthly injection on 29th August this year and my period started on the 7th September which has ended now but I'm getting on and off spotting daily with white discharge on mornings then it goes to spotting ughhh so far it been 16 days now!

Just got to give it time, for me after the 2nd injection, all bleeding and spotting stopped, so hopefully it'll do the same for you and stop any time now.. My consultant said it can take a month for it all to switch off, its also the most painful month I've found.

Oh! I'm not having any pain at all but can I ask did u get anymore periods after the first period you get with the injection like on the 2nd month afterwards? Ano I'm on the 1st injection and have had my period and now getting spotting but next month I hope no bleeding or period happens! So i hope 😔

I had no further bleeding after the second injection.. So hopefully it'll stop for you soon xxc

Was going okay yesterday no bleeding but today the bleeding has come back again .....17 days now this is a nightmare

My bleeding got worse during first 3 month injection lasted 42 days. 2nd injection started again another 38 days. Then stopped for 2 months and started again on 3rd injection 94 days only a few days of no bleeding. However i have fibroids as well as stage 4 endo so it was not for me. Even tranexamic acid and provera during my 4th 3 months would not stop it. So off it now. I hope you do not have these problems as lots of people find the 2nd 3 monthly injection it stops, hope that is the case for you. Watch you dont get anemic if you bleed for long periods. All the best.

LoneWolf91 in reply to morvena

I had 3 days of no bleeding and today however the bleeding has come back I'm worried it hell now it breakthrough bleeding or spotting as I already had my period this month on the 7th ....and the injection is the 3 monthly one

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