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Post op appointment

Hello lovely ladies,

I have my post op appointment tomorrow having undergone my lap 11 days ago. At the time, the surgeon said he found and excised mild Endo and told me my bowel was swollen. The nurse later told me they had also removed a lot of fluid and that my notes say I have a bulky uterus.

Since my lap I feel I am recovering well however, I still have the same pelvic pain I had before the lap and the pressure into my rectum is way more persistent than it was before. When I sit down it feels like I am pushing something up inside me and when I stand it feels like something may fall out.

My first question is, is this normal?

My second question is, what questions do I go armed with tomorrow?

My notes show Endo removed from left ovary and pelvis. I also had a d and c done and a generous wash out and a mirena fitted. I am signed off til weds. The doc said he had to do a lot of work inside me and the op took almost three hours, I was told pre op it would only be an hour to an hour and a half


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Hi lisaj79, so sorry to hear about your discomfort. I have some similar symptoms to you... Bulky uterus and liquid inside my uterus etc. After 2 laps on the nhs, it took a 3rd private lap and MRI to diagnose me with Adenomyosis. The bulkiness of the uterus sometimes puts pressure on bladder and/or rectum, making it seem like something may 'fallout' when you stand.

Ask him about the likely causes of the bulkiness. They will need to investigate where the liquid is coming from.

I hope this was helpful

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You are spot on jasmine, that's exactly what he just said. Thank you x


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