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Progesterone tablet


Hi ladies went back to see my gyne yesterday I informed him other hormones iv taken in the past haven't suited me but as you all know hormones is the only med treatment for endo/adeno so he's suggested progesterone 5mg tablet but told me only to take half 2.5mg once a day this is the only one I haven't tried can any of you tell me how I might react to it ? Iv read the side affects like weight gain tiredness mood swings already have tiredness and mood swings anxiety are these tablets going to make this worse ? He's give me 2 months supply then iv gotta go bck and see him to ser how iv coped on the dose thanks ladies

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I'm on Cerazette which is a progesterone only pill and the only issue I have had so far is some irregular bleeding. If you give the tablets a try and they don't agree with you then you would be able to try something else - it's probably worth a try x

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Thank you for your reply mine isn't a conceptive pill its just progesterone called norethisteeone I took my first one last night yeah will see how I get on xxx

LauraKl08 in reply to LauraKl08

Sorry its norethisterone


I had those as well, for a while they worked really well but I think I just got used to them. They aren't like other hormone pills cos they never agreed with me either xx

Hi thank you for the reply what dose did you take I'm just one 2.5mg once a day for 2 months till I go bck to gyne think he started me on a low dose to see how I react to them xx

Hi I was on 3 a day anything less and I would bleed. They wanted me to lower the dose gradually but it didn't work. In the end the gp wouldn't continue to prescribe them until the gynea had said to


So on one 2.5mg a day wonder if my periods would stop hormones haven't really helped in the past 3 yrs ago I had zoledex injection once a month for 3 months no periods still in pain gyne did another lap it had grew bck everywhere he was shocked !!! Xxx

Did you get any weight gain ? X

No I don't think so, I'm always bloated and I never noticed my weight changing much, but I don't weigh myself I just go by my clothes size


Ok thank you xx

Has anyone used deinogest?

I used dienogest for one month :)

As you can see we’re all had different experiences. I had it a few years back and did not like them. I became spacey, sleepy, unable to concentrate, pains improved a little but had bleeding almost constantly! I was not too bad in 2.5mg but 5mg was the worst.

Give them a go and see if you don’t feel good then stop. I tried the whole course which was a few months worth and consultant was surprised I kept going - I thought it may settle!

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