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Hi there, hoping for some advice! My period is 2 weeks late today and I've done 3 pregnancy tests (2 first response and 1 clear blue digital) and all negative, last one was this morning! I have had some period pains, last night was quite bad so thought it would have arrived overnight but nothing this morning....hence the 3rd test! Can I still be pregnant? I do have endometriosis but have never experienced late periods.....I'm very regular in general! I had a slight bit of dizziness over the weekend but that's really it in terms of symptoms.

Just a bit confused....anybody any similar experiences or advice???

Thanks x

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I think if all tests are saying negative then quite unlikey you are pregnant could be mayb ya under some stress but I have known people to be late and still not be pregnant when they are regular as clock work late periods can be caused by all kinds of problems from as little as medication to as big as stress could be down to contraceptions ?stds?stress?wrong type of diet can also mess them up at times quite unlikey mind but its not unknown just not as common.


Hi, I had the same problem a few months ago. 2weeks late, dizziness, even pain &slight swelling of the abdomen. very surprised because i'm regular as clockwork. I've also been on no medication for the last 6 months, was not suffering from any stress, & also had 2 negative pregnancy tests. It turns out that my period was just late. Perhaps I had a small virus or bug or something which would explain the other symptoms. Please don't worry, I'm sure nothing is wrong and Aw the time you've read this you'll probably have got your period!

Take care


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