Am I pregnant?

I took the morning after pill twice a month apart from each other. After the first pill I bled fine a week early but properly. The following month after taking the morning after pill again I was spotting instead of my regular period. It was on time but I didn't bleed normally. I took two pregnancy test a week after which both turned up negative. This month I've spotted again (normal time of my period) but still haven't bled properly for two months.

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  • I was exact same and now im due my baby on 29th July. I had no signs at all in the beginning apart from spotting instead of normal period. I had usual pains and emotional ups and downs and didnt think much of it. I went to the doctors about the pains in the end up and she confirmed i was pregnant. Xxx

  • Same as above - didn't confirm until 3 months and due August 1st. It can happen although you did take morning after pill 2 months running which is ill advised - possible side effects? You need to see your GP either way x

  • Same here the pregnancy test didn't show it but blood test did after I was being sick I thought I was unwell! (Although I hadn't had morning after pill I was on progesterone pill at that time)

  • Lol I was like that thought I was dying from some random illness

  • I went to get a blood test from my gp and it came back negative. How accurate is the blood test?

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