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Pelvic pain, endo or adhesions?

For the past year I've had a strange pulling pain almost like a stitch, the pain comes on day 1 of my period and lasts for the following 3 weeks, I have about 6/7days pain free a month and this has been continuous for the past 12 months. The pain only used to really be noticeable when I was laid down and transitioned from sitting to laying and vice versa, I'd have to sort of turn to my side or hold onto something to make it easier. It's on my right side. I have a 2 year old boy who was delivered by emergency c sec due to a placenta abruption and pre eclampsia so I do have a history of surgery which I know causes adhesions. I went on the contraceptive pill about 6 months ago and at first it seemed to help ease the pain and made everyday life a bit more easier, the only time I'd experience the pain was when I had a 7 day break from the pull for my 'period' but now it doesn't seem to have much affect and I'm back to being in pain about 3 weeks a month. I used to differ with really painful periods and would have days of school and work due to it, however since having my little one my period pain itself has eased a lot! I did have bad back pain for almost a year after having him but just put that down to the spinal block. I'm so scared of doctors I've only just been about a lump in my boob which I've had for 7 months, luckily it was just a cyst but still leaving things so long is stupid I know. Should've killed 2 birds with 1 stone when I had the chance, I'm just scared of going to the doctors about this and either being shrugged off or having to wait ages because I know if it is adhesions or endo it can take ages to be diagnosed. Every time I cough or sneeze now I can feel the pulling pain stitch like feeling. Im 23 next month and just want all this to end or atleast hear other people's opinions for peace of mind and reassurance I'm laid on my side whilst writing this and it's like I can feel it pulsing, sort of a throbbing sensation! Someone please reassure me!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry for your pain! I have similar pain on my left side from an emergency removal of my left ovary due to endometrioma and torsion.

Your pain could be an adhesion possibly. It could also be endo as well. C sections raise endo risk. It is possible.

Sometimes abdominal and pelvic physical therapy is helpful. Although in my case I'm not sure it made a huge difference overall, it did lessen the pressure on my bladder, especially as I lie down. Reaching to turn off the light gave me urgency and I'd have to get up again! I do believe PT is important postsurgery during healing, and is usually overlooked by doctors in the case of pelvic surgeries in women.

If you suspect endo or adhesions, you may wish to consult with an endo specialist (not a regular gyn). At the very least, they have seen similar cases.

If you ask a regular obgyn, they will likely recommend a quick surgery for adhesiolysis and fulguration or ablation of endo. I would not recommend this route. It's highly unsuccessful, often repeated, and can add to pain.

One thing I would advise is if you ever get future elective surgery, go cautiously. Don't rush into things. Interview surgeons. Find an endo specialist. Find the absolute best surgeon you can, and find out what adhesion preventive measures they take. This is important. Have a thorough conversation about incisions and wound closure. It's important to plan incisions so that they don't restrict movement if possible. Endo specialists also excise prior surgical scars that may contain endo.

I would really recommend the book "Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain" by Dr. Andrew Cook. It covers everything patients need to know about diagnosis and treatment of endo.

I also honestly find it helpful to watch excision videos on YouTube. It's helping me choose what treatment I want. I wish I had been able to do this prior to my unsuccessful fulguration, but I was scared.

I hope this isn't too muddled a response. If you are wondering where to start, or feeling intimidated about talking to a doctor, start with Dr. Cook's book. It will arm you with the information you need to seek the right care. The tone is very caring. Also know that endo specialists often do free record reviews and Skype consults.

If I can be of help please PM me!


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