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How long does injection take to work?

Well I'm officially caving! I cannot cope anymore with the Dr fight when I am in so much pain. I can hardly walk this week because the pain is so bad. I have said no to getting the injection that mimics menopause. I don't know what type it was. But I am going to call my GP at 8.30 tomorrow and ask her to arrange it. I know it will cause me hell but if it stops the pain then maybe I will be ok?

I've had my recommended limit of pain med for today and still wide awake curled up in pain. I attempted getting help at out of hours yesterday but they told me to take some pain killers and wait for my appointment with a new gynae in 6 months.

Sorry for the rant. What I mainly want know, is how long it takes for the injection to stop the pain. And I don't get periods anyway, so will or actually help me?

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Hi there

the implant you are talking about may be Zoladex or similar .

It can take a few months to show a difference but mine almost worked within 2 weeks

Some people do get a flare up of bad pain initially but this should settle .

I've had huge benefits from mine ,hope you get some relief soon


I had zoladex a month ago and I'm still spotting but the pain has finally gone! My stomach keeps swelling but that's it. I haven't had any symptoms yet for menopause. I would definitely recommend it! :)


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