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Pain med recommendations??

So I am starting all over again!! And now on a 20-24 week waiting list to see new gynae.

I am on gabapentin but I was putting on unexplained weight so now weaning off to see if it helps with the belly. It's also made me forget everything which was effecting my work.

Anyway, can anyone recommend anything. I was set against trying 1 month menopause injection but now I can feel the real pain again I am now thinking of trying it just to be pain free.

I have pain 24/7 not just periods. And I have the coil and stopped taking the pill as it has bad side effects.

Any recommendations are very much appreciated. Thanks

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Morning Sam I too have been looking for a medication that would work as current pain killers just not working. I read somewhere on here that her gp had prescribed morphine patches and they worked for her. My partner had them for his health problem Bu Trans 5 microgram you wear the patch for seven days and get a slow release of morphine throughout the day they worked xxxx


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