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Pain meds

Hi :)

Been told Codeine doesn't help and can make cramping worse, no joy with Mefanic acid or Naproxen,

Anyone recommend anything as my consultant forgot to write his suggestion in his notes and now I am stuck with a GP who says I will give you what you want!

Any advice would be great, had the Mirena fitted on monday and praying that will help but in the meantime don't want to be a miserable heap over christmas for the kids sake.


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It totally depends on your situation - theres oramorph which really will take the pain away, but will make your drowsy and you wouldn't be able to drive! Theres also tramadol but i think its the same, drowsy and no driving.

Diclofenac is another that may be worth researching?

Emma Xx


Thanks Emma, yes I was very vague wasn't I ! I will ask about Diclofenac…anything worth a try sometimes! I think I have had it all quite easy compared to some poor people on here but after a brief reprieve it seems back with a vengeance! Thanks so much :)



Hi, I have tried over the counter painkillers (paracetamol, neurofen etc) which didn't work. I was given codeine when I first ended up in hospital - that didn't work either. My second time in hospital they gave me tramadol (which worked wonders - but I will warn you, it does affect everyone in different ways but for me it caused me to be very sleepy and drowsy, and was put on 2x50mg tablets 4 times a day) However this latest doc I saw now said he doesn't know why I was put on tramadol as it don't help (but it did) and then decided to prescribe mefenamic acid - and that doesn't help me at all. So for me tramadol was the best but they wont give me anymore. Also tramadol can be very addictive for some people so if you do go onto that just be careful and try not to rely on it all the time. I have heard from a few people that oramorph is good (but I haven't tried that so wouldn't be really able to say yes or not to that!) Hope it helps. xx


Hi Emma, yes mefanamic doesn't help me either. I really don't want tramadol as I have kids but can't carry on like this either so will hopefully find something soon.

My consultant said codeine makes it worse, so maybe if I stay off that this month it won't be as bad - thanks so much for your reply xx


Yeah its horrible! if you find anything good let us know, i'd to know if theres something else I can try because my doctors are really not helping and im struggling to cope with the pain, most nights im rolling on the floor in agony crying, and docs just prescribe me mefanamic acid that don't work. Hope you find something soon! xx


Oh Emma, poor you, so sorry to hear you are being fobbed off. I will let you know if I come across anything. I took dollypop1994 advice and have some heat pads from pound land, very impressed with them for the price. Really has helped take the edge of it, will try the tiger balm too when my stomach doesn't feel as sore- what a flipping pain it all is :( Good look Emma xx


Thanks! Yeah wilkinsons do some heatpads that stick to your clothing that are specially designed for stomaches and back to help with period pains etc. someone told me about them on here and they do help a little. Hope you are well! good luck as well xx


Thanks Emma, will check those out too next time I go out. Happy Christmas! x


Hope u had a good christmas! Xx


Great thanks


Hi hun,

I am on a massive cocktail of painkillers (morphine, tramadol, co-dydramol, codeine & paracetamol) I find that the codeine works best when you take it with paracetamol (usually 2x 30mg codeine tablets with 2 paracetamol) & if it is really bad also can be taken alongside either the morphine or tramadol (you musnt use morphine & tramadol together though, or use co-dydramol with codeine or paracetamol)

Codeine can constipate you & some people become easily addicted, but I find it helps & dont really have any problems with it. Any non-steroidal anti inflammitories like ibuprofen, mefnamic acid & naproxen don't help & can actually make things worse (I am allergic to non steroidals & they make me really poorly). I've got stage 4 endo & it took me so long to find the right balance of what works & usually it's a case of a combination of meds rather than just one. If you are ever offered something called Gabapentin then it's not a good Idea- it is an anti seizure medication & can be used for nerve pain. I am epileptic & when they gave it to me for nerve pain in my arm it made my fits worse & sent me off my trolley. My sis in law had it too & she said it made her feel terrible.

Other things that can help are things like Tiger Balm Red (you can get it in supermarkets- it's usually next to the stuff like deep heat ect) & Poundland sell some good heat pads (the kind you stick on your skin for back pain ect) the brand is called Treat & Ease & you get 2 in a pack- they are an absolute bargain & fantastic if you need to go out & about & want heat to help with the pain.

Don't let them fob you off though- nowadays they just chuck tablets at you like they are sweets because they can't be bothered to help you properly. Hope you find something that works hun & if you want to chat then feel free to message me :)

Jes xxxx


Hi Jes,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I really am grateful. Not been on for a few days as haven't been quite right since hospital appointment, The internal exam wasn't the best but to top it off think I may have infection after the mirena and the antibiotics really do make me feel ill. Sorry to moan!

Think I will avoid Gabapenthin like the plague, its so handy to have this site to check things out and hear other peoples experiences.

Jes you really do sound like you are having it far far worse than me, I do hope you have some good weeks over the month.

Off to pound land shortly to get the heat pads and tiger balm! Thanks for the advice, sooooo


I hope you have a wonderful & pain free christmas :)

Thanks again & I won't hesitate to message you, thanks so much for the offer xx

All the best

Julie xxx


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