Lap got moved up 2 weeks!

My lap was scheduled for October 15th, and I just got a call that it got bumped up to October 1st. I am super anxious, but also looking forward to getting things figured out. Questions though - originally they said it was a day surgery and I would go home same day, but now they are saying they want to admit me for 1-3 days? Is that normal??

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  • Oh shoot - and I just realized I will be on my period at the time of surgery, will that be an issue?

  • They will still do it Hunni I had my 1st lap done when I was on my period Hunni

  • They will still do it even if you're on your period. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and was kept in for 2 nights so don't worry too much.

  • Thanks ladies!

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