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Mirena coil removal please help : (

I had my mirena coil put in November 2014 to help with symptoms of endo. At that point I had the copper coil, extremely heavy periods, period pain all different times during the month, exhaustion, flank pain and ibs symptoms. In June I had a lap which confirmed endo, on womb, ligaments, pouch of Douglas, overlying ureter and iliac fossa.

Over the last year I developed extreme lower back pain radiating down my legs and my moods went crazy, I don't know who I am anymore.

After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that the mirena must be causing the new symptoms so I had it removed yesterday morning. It didn't hurt to have it removed but today the lower back pain is excruciating? I had put all my hope into the mirena being the cause but now I thinking maybe not and I'm gutted. Why is this hurting so much, I can't take this pain!!!! Also scared now that without the mirena treatment is this going to get worse once I have a period. I really can't deal with this anymore.

Anyone with any advice or same experience I need some hope xxxx

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Oh no! That's terrible. I had mine about the same time, its been non stop bother. I too am getting fed up with it. I wonder why you are worse? Are you seeing the doctor ? Xx


My doctors aren't much help, they think it's all in my head so I just get sent home with more pain killers and that's about it! X


Same here, gets to the point where there is just no point doesn't it. X


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