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Ultrasound - uterus not retroverted anymore?!!

Just been for my Ultrasound of my pelvis. Internal and external!!

I was told in July by my consultant my uterus has moved into retroverted position which he felt with my other symptoms was signs of endometriosis! Hence putting me on the waiting list for a lap ( due to have in November).

Just had my ultrasound and they told me my uterus is now in the normal position???!! My ovaries are fine no cysts and she was reporting it as "all normal"...

I know Endo doesn't show up on ultra sound but I was shocked to hear my uterus was now in normal position? Does this mean I may not have Endo?!

Totally confused- does the uterus move forward because of Endo possibly being pushed forward? I have no idea?!

There were no cysts or anything - when she did my external one she said she couldn't see my left ovary as bowel was in the way but that it was trapped wind?? Is that even possible?

Just abit of advice guys 😕 thanks in advance!

Sophie 🌻🌞💛

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It's possible you just had a functional cyst which most females without endo get from time to time. They usually don't treat them as they disappear on their own accord and aren't a sign of endo being present.


Helloooooo , don`t know the answers to all your questions but i do know from my mother in law (gyne nurse) that the uterus does move about its can move itself into one position and often move back to its normal position on its own without any intervention.

I personally though would not take it that you don't have this shitty endo , not if you are still experiencing pain etc .

I would book a doc appointment who can go through it all with you ....

I have been back an too to the docs for 12 months to finally be told (which i knew) i have endo ..... I haven't been booked in for lap i have been put on pill permanently to stop periods to hope it helps .... if not then im on that waiting list and after seeing your wait time being as were local to each other im not looking forward to that .

Are you on the list for wrexham or chester x


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