Ok, I completely understand that this is a stupid idea but has anyone hear of tooth problems related to endo?

I log my symptoms and problems down so that any time I have a doctor or hospital appointment I'm not racking my brain trying to remember, anyway I was looking back at the symptoms (I write everything down whether it seems relevant or not) and I noticed that every month during my period I have problems with my wisdom teeth! They hurt like anything. But stop once my period ends, even when my periods are late the pain starts when they start. Weird huh?!?

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  • Wisdom teeth?! I keep having toothache on my top left every month. I am not sure if it is the wisdom teeth or one next to it I haven't checked it but it could be. I never went to the dentist with it even though I went to a check up since then as it goes away every month. Is is could be related to endo? I think mine is around my period but I never recorded it as I never thought it could related to it. I will see next time. I finished my period last week and I thought I had toothache and now I don't. It just ache when I bite something hard with that tooth.

    Well I have chest (and back) pain and breathing problem and I have never thought that could be related with my period last year as it was less frequent than now but it comes with every period so I am getting sure that is related so I am not surprised though...

    My GP told me he had a patient who had blood shot in her eye(s) every period and they found she had endo in her eye(s)! Endo goes anywhere...

    I would like to know anybody else get toothache with their period...

  • I thought it was just me but every month I also have problems with my wisdom teeth that disappear when my period ends. My gums also start pouring with blood for no reason and again disappears when my period does. These are just a few of the things I get each month I also suffer migraines for 3 to 4 days and thrush!

  • I dont get the thrush, but I'm with you on the migraines. I get eye problems too, I've had to corneal ulcers this year!

  • I meant I've had 2 corneal ulcers

  • Yes I've been suffering with my teeth. Never put the two together before now...maybe there is a link! That's so interesting that you said that.

  • I always used to get gingivitis (gum infections) before I had my hysterectomy.

    I still get it now when I am very run down.

    Not an expert but could it be due to the auto immune part of endo? x

  • I just saw this and I'm not sure what you think... ppierodds.com/main/?p=65

  • Just read the above link and found really interesting. There has been a number of occasions when I have been to the dentist to be asked if I am pregnant but when I say no they say nothing else!

  • Just read the above link and found really interesting. There has been a number of occasions when I have been to the dentist to be asked if I am pregnant but when I say no they say nothing else!

  • I never considered the coincidences between the most random of problems and my periods until I started recording them on a tracker. I get eye and teeth problems that always get worse or just appear out of the blue during my period. Like today I have horrendous tooth/ear/jaw ache and my eyes are painful (to the point I can't wear my lens) and the left one is very twitchy! I never thought of the link before...

  • I don't feel so stupid for bringing it up now I know I'm not alone!

  • As far as I know my eyes are not affected but some times my sight can be very blurred and then next they are fine I will have to make a note to see when they are at their worst and see if there is a link.

  • Yep I always get toothache few days before and during my period I do know gum disease is associated with endo you are not alone hun x

  • very interesting. I never had tooth problems ever but when I started Visanne, my teeth became sensitive. They say that endo has been found in other parts of the body !!!

  • Hi, just posted elsewhere on this site that I too have tooth / jaw ache around ovulation and then before my period. I also get headaches with it. It's interesting to hear that it could be related to endo!

  • I have bleeding gums and gum inflammation - almost constant for 2-3 years now, my dentsit is now clueless as i tried various bleeding gums treatments and nothing helped and I never thought to mention it to my gp.

    I was on combined pill and now on depo injection. I think i need to investigate this further! x

  • My gums swell up when I am on my period, but I have had this before my Endo flared up. It always calms down after my period has ended. I find corsodyl daily mouthwash helps ease things for me.

    Also when you are pregnant, you get free NHS dental care as the change in hormones can cause gum problems so there if definitely a link. x

  • Happy I'm not alone in this either. When ovulating I get a bit of an eruption with the wisdom teeth and 'train track' lines on my face, as my mum calls them (very pale skinned so a few veins must pop up). Strangely it seems the more problems I get with the teeth the worse the period is. Chewing gum and clove mouthwash seems to help. Was a bit embarrassed asking the dentist.

  • I'm in my late 20s and just recently started getting teeth pain just days before my period and it continues until my cycle is done. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one but is there anything we can do?

  • Yes! I have major tooth aches, also in the back left area, during my period. I also have leg and lower back pain.

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