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I have PCOS and endometriosis. I have tried just about everything to stop the horrible pain that honestly is continuous throughout the whole month. It does not end. Some days are better than others, but they all hurt. I have been on what feels like a billion types of birth control, I've had laproscopy, danazol, and what my doctor called a "reset." I stopped everything for like 3 months to try to let my body get back to normal. I've tried special diets, working out, everythingI am out of ideas.. My doctor says losing weight would help, but it's a lot of weight. Any woman who has PCOS and endometriosis knows how close to impossible it is to lose weight. I don't really have any other options. I don't know what to do. Please please please...any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • I take metformin and its enabled me to lose weight. My PCOS makes me insulin resistant I think it is. Enables me to have a life and not sleep all day too. The only time I've not been in constant pain is when pregnant with my second child and now (She's 9 weeks) so I don't know xxx

  • I was on metformin for 6 go unfortunately.

  • It took me just under two years to lose 9 stones after everything was taken out (I had both endo and PCOS as well); I was lucky, however, as I was able to not work for that period and spent most mornings in the gym and/or swimming pool and also hired a personal trainer twice a week to help me. However, now, all the weight has returned because - like you - the pain and disease makes it difficult to lose weight. It was interesting as well as doctors always say avoid foods like pasta, etc. and eat nothing but veggies but when I do, I'm literally permanently attached to the toilet because of how IBS reacts when I eat veggies.

    I did find eating organic foods was very helpful in alleviating some of the symptoms, particularly milk and other diary products (most non-organic diary farms will use female hormones to increase production of milk making the milk full of hormones like oestrogen which obviously affects humans). I know when I was first diagnosed at 21 with stage four, they said - having examined my lifestyle - my intake of four pints of milk per day (I rarely ate or drank anything else to be honest) was likely to have had a significant impact. If possible - and I know it can be expensive - try first adopting diary organic foods and see how that goes - it takes about 2 months before your body adjusts to the different hormone levels but worth a try. If that works, then I would suggest expanding your intake of organic foods/drinks.

  • That sounds like it's worth a try! If I eat to many veggies it makes me icky too. I've always had a very sensitive stomach, so too many fruits and veggies or fried foods really hurt later. But I do drink at least a cup or two of milk a day, so I will try switching.

  • I have endometriosis and I take endovan. It's a little pricey but it's the only thing that's helped me. It has no side effects and is definitely worth trying!

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